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Roof Inspection Checklist for Homeowners in Maryville

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Roof Inspection Checklist for Homeowners in Maryville

Regular roof inspections are essential for maintaining the integrity and longevity of your home in Maryville. Here’s a comprehensive checklist to guide Maryville homeowners through a thorough roof inspection:

1. Exterior Inspection

  • Check for missing, damaged, or curling shingles.
  • Inspect the roof valleys for signs of wear and debris accumulation.
  • Examine the flashing around chimneys, vents, skylights, and dormers for signs of damage or deterioration.
  • Look for any signs of algae, moss, or mold growth.
  • Inspect the gutters and downspouts for debris and ensure they are securely attached.

2. Interior Inspection

  • Check the attic for signs of water intrusion, such as stains on the underside of the roof decking.
  • Inspect insulation for signs of water damage or mold growth.
  • Look for daylight coming through the roof boards, which indicates possible gaps or holes.
  • Check for signs of pests or critters that may have found their way into the attic through the roof.

3. Structural Check

  • Inspect the roof from ground level for any sagging or uneven areas.
  • Check for signs of damage to the chimney and its surrounding flashing.
  • Look for cracked or damaged roof vents.
  • Ensure that all vent pipes are properly sealed and secure.

Performing regular roof inspections and addressing issues promptly can prevent costly repairs and extend the life of your roof. For professional roof inspection services in Maryville, contact American Home. Our team of experts is dedicated to ensuring the safety and durability of your home's roof.

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