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Meet Our Team

At American Home, we believe that your only as good as the team behind you. We’ve been fortunate for have a lot of our team members for the last 20+ years. We’re excited to showcase them here for you as we appreciate the hard work they do every day in making American Home a great place to work as well as the preferred contractor to many homeowners in the East Tennessee, Western North Carolina, and Southern Kentucky areas.

Mark Sims


In the realm of visionary leaders, Mark Sims stands out as a driving force behind our company’s remarkable growth and success. As the President of our organization, Mark embodies the qualities of a true leader, demonstrating unparalleled dedication, strategic thinking, and a passion for excellence.

With a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of the industry, Mark Sims has carved a path of success for our company. His leadership style combines a sharp business acumen with a compassionate approach, creating an environment where innovation thrives, and employees feel motivated to excel.

Paul Quinney

vice president

Within our organization, Paul Quinney occupies a pivotal role as our esteemed Vice President. With his exceptional leadership skills, extensive experience, and unwavering dedication, Paul plays a crucial part in driving our company’s success and shaping its future.

As Vice President, Paul brings a dynamic and innovative approach to the table. His strategic mindset and keen understanding of the industry landscape allow him to identify opportunities for growth and navigate through complex challenges with precision. Paul’s ability to think outside the box and develop forward-thinking strategies has proven instrumental in positioning our company as a leader in the market.

Paul Quinney is an exceptional Vice President who plays a vital role in shaping our company’s success. With his strategic vision, exceptional leadership skills, and commitment to innovation, Paul guides our organization towards new heights of achievement. Through his integrity, passion, and dedication to the well-being of our team and community, Paul sets an example for all of us to follow. We are truly fortunate to have him as an invaluable member of our leadership team.

Crissy Sims

General contractor

When it comes to overseeing and managing complex construction projects, Crissy Sims is the driving force behind our company’s success as a trusted general contractor. With her exceptional expertise, unwavering commitment, and unparalleled attention to detail, Crissy ensures that every project we undertake is executed to perfection.

As a general contractor, Crissy brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. Her comprehensive understanding of construction processes, regulations, and industry best practices allows her to effectively plan and execute projects of all scales and complexities. Crissy’s ability to seamlessly coordinate and manage various stakeholders, including architects, subcontractors, and suppliers, ensures a smooth workflow and timely project completion.

Adam Fielden

Director of marketing

At the forefront of our company’s marketing endeavors stands Adam Fielden, our esteemed Director of Marketing. With his exceptional creativity, strategic vision, and deep understanding of the industry, Adam spearheads our marketing initiatives, driving our brand forward and positioning us for continued success.

One of Adam’s greatest strengths lies in his creativity and out-of-the-box thinking. He has a natural ability to craft compelling brand narratives and develop captivating marketing campaigns. Through his visionary approach, Adam ensures that our brand’s messaging resonates with our audience, leaving a lasting impression and driving engagement.

Adam Fielden is an exceptional Director of Marketing who leads our company’s branding and marketing efforts with unparalleled vision and creativity. His strategic thinking, data-driven approach, and ability to inspire a high-performing team have been instrumental in our company’s growth and success. We are fortunate to have Adam driving our marketing initiatives, and his contributions continue to shape our brand’s position in the market.

Our Team

Matt LeClair

Sales Manager
20 years

Richard Wood

Home Improvement Specialist
11 years

Bobby Horne

Home Improvement Specialist
7 years

Justin Sims

Home Improvement Specialist
6 years

Vanessa Mason

Financing Manager
21 years

Christine Haltaufderheide

4 years

Terry Cook

24 years

Wanda Goff

24 years

Teresa Whaley

18 years

Darrell Coleman

15 years

Barbara Lay

4 years

Kathy Kirkland

22 years

Debora Parton

Asst Office Manager
19 years

Andrew Sims

Customer Service
4 years

Mackenzie Russel

2 years


Rascal Sims

Complaint Dept Manager
3 years